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Snow Mountain I blogged about climbing Snow Mountain during the winter earlier in the year so I won’t write many details of the hike. Last time we, the mountain was covered in deep snow and top, just shy by 300m. This time we got a permit at the [...].. More
Stu Dawson from Hiking Taiwan on his second attempt at summitting Snow Mountain.
Joe Feldman - for sale:: The Cheater - Framed Pencil Etching by Gary Patterson
The Cheater - Framed Pencil Etching by Gary Patterson
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Arnold Palmer Signed and Framed photograph
Ben Crenshaw Autographed and Framed 1984 Master win
Bob Hope Tee Markers
FRUSTRATION framed pencil etching by Gary Patterson
Old Time 4 foot Golf Statue
The Cheater - Framed Pencil Etching by Gary Patterson
Gary Patterson whose drawings and art were so popular in the 1970's he actually did a series of commissioned drinking glasses for McDonald's with different sports figures on them. This is an ORIGINAL pencil etching done by Gary Patterson. It is numbered like the other Patterson and larger, but the numbers are hidden behind the frame card stock. It sits in a frame which measures 18" x 22". Purchased directly from his son years ago.

Price: $200.00


Total price: $200.00