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Some Time Off

Posted by Jared Gerber on May 5, 2012

Over the past few weeks, it has been great to be able to spend time at home but rather disappointing not being involved in the playoffs.  As a caddie, you like to work the majors and the Fed Ex playoffs because that is where the best players in the world are playing. (and oh yah, $8 million dollar purses!)
I have been very fortunate working for Mike for 12 years that we have not been in this situation before,  so this is really a first for me not being involved.  I am sure he has the same feelings as I do- that it is no fun being home while these events are going on- and will no doubt provide some extra off-season encouragement while practicing.  I am not sure how much longer he will take off before starting to work on his game again but I do know he has been resting his elbow and really trying to get healthy first before he starts to work on his game.
I have been asked many times if I am going to work for anyone else for the rest of the year and the answer is:  I am not sure.  It is very difficult to find somebody to work for in the playoffs as the fields are getting smaller and smaller each week and the players that advance are the ones playing well so there is not a lot of caddy movement.  There may be an opportunity or two in the 5 Fall-Finish events and there is a good possibility that I may work a few of them.
In the meantime, I have been working hard and will continue to pursue the sales job I have with a promotional company called Touchstone Merchandise Group (  Touchstone is a full service promotional company that is based in the US but has offices all over North America. I started working with Derek Block, the CEO, this year and have been working very hard the past few months trying to build up my business. I find it very interesting and something totally different from caddying. I love being in sales and this has opened my eyes up to a completely new field. So... shameless plug...for anyone who is in need of any promotional materials,  feel free to email me at and I will get you all the information needed.
Another opportunity about being home so much is I can actually play in our section championship next week. I have been a PGA member in the North Texas Section for the past 5 or 6 years and our section championship always seems to fall on weeks when I am working. I would say my game isn't as sharp as I would like it to be, but I still like getting out with my section pros and competing a little. The events are fun and I really enjoy the competition with the guys.  I get it all the time on Tour but I don't have as much control as I do playing myself.
I find the anticipation of the Ryder Cup very interesting with all this speculation of Tiger being left off the team. I don't think there is a chance in the world he will be left off the team unless he doesn't want to play. His game is improving week by week and word has it he is working with Canada's own Sean Foley.  That's a great accomplishment for Sean. I think it will be a big boost for golf in our Country also because it is going to give teachers that extra confidence to say,  ''If he can do it so can I.''   As for Corey Pavin selecting Tiger, I believe he wants Tiger on the team and I also think the event needs him. We all know that when Tiger is on TV, the ratings are much better.  It would be a big blow if he wasn't there. 
I was very surprised by a few of Monty's picks, leaving Paul Casey and Justin Rose off the team. Paul, in my mind, is a great Ryder Cup guy- tough mentally and good matchplay player. Justin has won twice on our tour this year and has to be one of the hottest players on tour this year. I think this is what makes the event so fun- the anticipation that leads up to it. The captain's picks are exciting and I am looking forward to Corey's picks next week!
As for the rest of the Fed Ex playoffs, I am very happy that Matt Kuchar finally got a win and looks like he is well on his way to winning the Cup. He has had a great year and it was fitting for him to win last week. His caddie is a good friend and as much we pull for the players we like to win, caddies always pull for their friends. Matt is in the driver's seat to win the big payday that comes with the Fed Ex Cup as he is playing well again in Boston. For Fed Ex and the Tour I think we need somebody to step up to see the playoffs have meaning at the Tour Championship; to create the interest and excitement.  Let's hope Camillo or Hunter or somebody can step up and give Matt a run!

by: John Test 4 on 5/8/2012After a fairly long stretch of playing tournaments and being on the road; I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks off. I haven’t posted an entry in a couple of weeks and thought now would be as good a time as any to let you know what I’m up to. My past three tournaments have been very similar in feeling and result; a lot of very average golf.
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